Self-grown Jalapeno Hot Sauce Recipe

Easy way to make jalapeno hot sauce:

I know there are some people like me who just love spicy things. I Personally love a lot of spicy things. Jalapenos might be mouth burning and angry vegetable but still, I use them in many of my recipes. I have grown them in my house and let me tell you that the jalapenos from your own mini garden taste awesome.

Today I will show you a Jalapeno Hot Sauce recipe form your self-grown jalapenos. If you want to learn the recipe follow the article to the letter.

Step one

First of all, take a small onion and slice it into ring shapes. Then put those sliced pieces in a skewer. After that take 1.5 lbs of self-grown jalapenos (you can take from the market too). Put them in a skewer too.

Now take a little charcoal into BBQ tray and prepare the environment for BBQ. Yes, I am serious you will have to BBQ them a little first. Now add olive oil to the skewered onion and jalapenos. And put them on the grill for a little time.

Be careful we are not going to burn them. Switch it to sides to avoid burning them. Once you feel that they have taken enough char, remove them from the grill.

Step two

Take three cloves of garlic and chop it into small pieces. Now take the onion and jalapenos and chop them too. Make sure you remove the heads from those green angry jalapenos first.

Pour a little bit of cooking oil in a frying pan and put that chopped onion and jalapenos in it. After that add some salt to it and start giving it heat. Keep stirring it while it receives heat from the stove. After a while add black pepper and 2 cups of water to it. After that add the garlic which you have chopped earlier.

Give it a little more heat and add honey to it. Keep cooking until everything is soft. This whole cooking process will take approximately take 30 minutes.

Step three

Now take everything which you have cooking in the frying pan and put it in a blender. If you don’t have a blender or you want to replace your own with new one don’t worry. I have got you a nice blender. Check its price order from it Amazon today.

“Check a review of the blender at the end of the article before buying it”. Ok now back to the Jalapeno hot sauce recipe. Blend everything until smooth and then put it in a pot once again. Add a little vinegar and salt to taste and then boil it.

Remove it from the stove and let it cool for a while after that you can put it in Hot sauce bottles and store it. Check hot sauce bottles on Amazon for a nice prize right here.

By following the above steps you will get an Amazon jalapeno hot sauce that tastes super awesome and will increase the taste of your favorite foods. The sauce can be used for 2 months and can be stored in refrigirator.

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